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We have one of the largest selections of advertising blimps, helium advertising balloons and custom blimps available for sale, service and rental.

If you want something a little different but don't need a special shape please consider a hot-air balloon shape. You can have stripes or solid colors on your hot-air balloon shape balloon. Lettering or artwork is also available.
Blimp Balloons help SELL!
Custom blimps help sell your product or service. They also are great as a marker for your site or event. Our blimp balloons can be made to almost any specification.
Give us a call or email us for more information on our custom helium inflatables and balloons.
We offer our special shape inflatables in helium, cold-air or sealed air units.
We also offer a full line of pennants and banners.
We have many stock blimps, balloons and inflatables in stock, ready to ship today.
Try our single leg puppet, double leg puppet or our rainbow arch dancers !

Helium blimp balloons, giant balloons and advertising inflatables provide a wonderful atmosphere for your event or sale.
Hundreds of Blimps in stock & ready to ship TODAY!

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